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Global Game Jam 2012 entry.

Word Loops is a game where you create loops of words that are linked by common first and last letters. Each loop has a requirement you must meet before you are able to close it. See how many you can finish before the time runs out!

You will see a letter in the middle of the screen. That is your starting letter. Type a valid English word that begins with that letter and hit ENTER. You must then type another word that begins with the last letter of your first word, growing the word loop. To close the loop, you must type a word that both begins with the last letter of the previous word AND ends with the starting letter of the loop.

Before you can close a loop, however, you must satisfy the requirements listed at the bottom of the screen. Examples include [type exactly 3 more 'T's] or [delete at least 2 more words]. Once that requirement is met, you'll be prompted to close the loop.

Close as many loops as you can in the time limit!

Created by Patrick Kemp and axcho, with music by Teo Acosta. Powered by Flixel.

On Global Game Jam: http://archive.globalgamejam.org/2012/word-loops

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